Most people assume that the lord of the rings is a trilogy.Let me tell you , they are wrong.

This is how it is actually printed:The book is printed as shown in the picture.It is also known as the red book. Each book(the fellowship of the ring,the two towers and the return of the king)is divided into two parts. The book has a total of six parts and has around 1000 pages.

I bet you didn’t know that!!


J.R.R Tolkien, another favorite writer of mine.He has written books about middle earth: the Hobbit,the Lord of the rings and the Silmarillion.

J.R.R Tolkien was once friends with C.S.Lewis in an informal literary group called the ‘Inklings’.After the death of Tolkien, his son Christopher published his work and his work became very popular amongst the people.He became the highest earning ‘dead author”

I ,personally ,like his style of writing.His books have such vivid descriptions. It almost feels as if he has been to Rivendell and the Misty Mountains and is just describing what he has seen.


Joanne Kathleen Rowling, one of the authors who shaped my life.She was travelling one day and a boy with round glasses and a lightning shaped scar just popped into her head and she began writing…..

She would write in cafès and she would put in some of her own experiences in her work.Severus Snape came from a math teacher of her’s. The car in the chamber of secrets came from one of her friend’s car.The Weasleys were named after the weasel:her favorite animal.

 She is a wonderful author and I think everyone should also read the tales of Beatle the bard,Quidditch through the ages and fantastic beasts and where to find them.Enjoy!!