The Golden Snitch

In the early 1100s the Golden Snidget , a bird with extreme agility and a talent for avoiding predators , was used instead of the modern snitches. Witches and wizards would go Snidget -hunting, a very cruel practice, if I may say so. Moreover, it lead to more muggle broom sightings. In 1269, Madam Rabnott said that the chief of the Wizards’ council, Barberus Bragge, stated that he would release the Snidget and the man or woman who would catch it would receive 150 galleons from him. Thus, from this time onwards, snidgets were released and the game ended when the Hunter (the seekers were then called hunters) killed the bird and in the memory of Bragge 150 points were awarded to the team of the Hunter who would catch it.

After this practice was started , the population of the Snidgets had decreased and it was soon made a protected species. Its use in Quidditch games was banned and soon people began finding an alternative for the Snidget . Bowman Wright, who was a metal charmer, made the golden ” snitch” , which was made with metal. Its silver wings had rotational joints like the bird which provided it speed and agility and thus the golden snitch was made.

(Quidditch through the ages)

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