Are you Harry, Ron or Hermione??

Which one of the trio are you??

Take this quiz to know:


1. If you were to take one thing with you after your death , it would be

a. A book

b. Your broom

c. Food

2. Are you scared of spiders??

a. Not really…..

b. No way!!

c. Butterflies. I love butterflies.

3.Your favorite character in the book is….

a. Crookshanks 

b. Ginny

c. Fleur

4. Do you like quidditch??
a. No.

b.Yes, it’s nice

c. Like?? I love it!!
5.Do you feel strongly about the condition of houselves??

a. Yes, of course!!

b. Sort of, yes….

c. Eh??
6. Which Greek God would you like to meet??

a. Athena

b. Zeus

c. Greek God?? What??
7. Which profession would you choose

a. I’d start an organization for the welfare of those who are oppressed 

b. I’d be an Auror

c. A Quidditch player, of course!!






My answers are mostly an : A

You are Hermione. You are very intelligent for your age and are courageous. You always help others and fight for the oppressed . Nice!!😊😊

My answers are mostly a : B

You are Harry. You love playing sports and are a good leader. You know how to use everyone’s strengths and you are a good human being.

My answers are mostly a: C
You are Ron. You love eating and are a fan of some sort of sport. Not that you play sports..😂😂 You are quite humorous and popular.

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